Mango Garden Inn

I travelled to Vietnam years ago with my sister and her mother in law. There we stayed in busy Ho Chi Minh City. With families of five on scooters, hundreds of wires over your head, streets so busy you are scared to cross the road and to top it off, car horns honking all day and night long! We then escaped on a little plane to the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. Who would know that this place existed. It’s absolute paradise and cheap!!

Mango Garden Inn is a beautiful quaint Bed & Breakfast style escape with newly built bungalows. Located on Phu Quoc Island and  situated just steps from the breathtaking Bai Sao Beach. Phu Quoc is a lush island with powder white sands, fresh seafood, warm waters with a fresh ocean breeze. I felt so safe here and even felt comfortable to ride a scooter on the roads! The owners are Vietnam native and Canadian. This makes communicating at it’s simplest, home cooked food at it’s finest. Nothing like traditional vietnamese cooking! This little hideaway is home away from home. Enjoy some of the pictures courtesy of Mango Garden Inn.

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Mango Garden Inn 

*photos courtesy of Mango Garden Inn

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