Bridging The Light

I have been on this incredible journey of fulfillment, enlightenment, healing and acceptance. My life has not been easy at all. I am sure you have read a post or two of mine. However, these situations I have been faced with has provided me with some of my greatest lessons in life. Change and healing is not an easy task and it just can’t be done overnight. You must put the work and effort into it. That is exactly what I did. I worked on myself. I endured in Reiki and I am a walking proof of what this amazing energy work can do.

Long story short, I have been given a special gift from above, from what I call the Divine, simply and powerfully God. I have the gift of healing. I have worked faithfully into working with energy to bring balance into the mind, body and spirit. I have also been able to bring this incredible gift to my family. Now, I have been guided by spirit to bring this gift to the people of this world. I am so happy to have started my own business Bridging The Light.  Please check it out

There is so much more to come.

Love & Light