What is Reiki? Reiki is composed of two Japanese words Rei means “Universal Life” and Ki means “Energy”. If you were to google it, this is what it would tell you….

a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Taking time for ourselves is very important. Everyone is pretty good at maintaining regular massage appointments, chiro, maybe even some acupuncture and cupping. What about Reiki? I feel reiki is just as important. Our bodies are made up of energy and sometimes we can have blockages due to stress, emotions, or physical pain. Reiki can help the bodies natural flow of energy by healing, restoring and bringing balance into your body and your life.

I always wanted to try reiki, but who do you go to? Does everyone have the natural healing gift?

My journey started about four years ago. Life just pointed me in a direction and through a mutual acquaintance at work I met my reiki therapist/master Jill (which I will tell you more about). I had no idea what to expect on my first session. I just went in with an open mind, relaxed and let go. My experience was incredible. I felt the currents of energy run through my body, I felt safe, I felt peace, I felt restored. As I continued to go for healing, my whole life began to transform. Not only in my physical body but my soul. My intuitiveness began to heighten, my heart and mind became more open and my stress levels were reduced. Reiki not only gave me physical restoration, it gave me strength and awareness, it created a path to purpose and opened my eyes in life. Everything began to change. This will have to be another blog as there is a lot to share on my spiritual journey that goes even beyond reiki.

I engaged in reiki level I, which eventually led into reiki level II. Now, I did this because I knew it was part of who I am.  Jill opened up this part of me and guided me down this path of healing. I am so happy I did and truly grateful for her. Now, I use my reiki to do daily distant healing’s as well as healing on my three children and my husband. Speaking of my husband. He has had some recent major medical complications. I have been able to do reiki on him and send him constant distant healing. He has said he has felt a sense of calming and release. By no means has reiki “healed” his condition or pain but it has given him some relief.

Who is Jill? Jill is an amazing soul. She is pure, genuine and gifted. Not only is she my reiki master she is a close friend. If you were looking at a reiki session or taking your levels, I would highly recommend her. She has a fantastic website with great information: 

Love & Light




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