It’s been tough….

It’s been a while since my last post. Life has been very busy and I would like to share this story with you.

Last month, our baby girl was very sick with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). The virus had to run its course, so this meant it was going to get worse before it got better. Two weeks of sleepless nights, nasal spraying, filling up the humidifier and  going through a jar of baby vics. It was a tough go. Now she is better but it took a good three weeks to get this virus out of her little body. On top of that, my husband had to go in for major knee surgery. The surgeons then took hamstring from his right leg to reconstruct his left knee. So both his legs were out of commission. We did everything we were told. He took his pain meds, elevated his leg, iced the knee, went to a physio appointment and then the pain started. He had some calf pain, well we thought it was from his first physio appointment and having to stand on his leg in the shower, his muscle was sore. Then he developed discomfort in his upper back, under the shoulder-blade area, we thought it was from sleeping with a brace, on your back with your leg up, yah that is not comfortable at all. The next day it got worse. He was not feeling well for the day, and then within 15 minutes, his pain went from a discomfort to an excruciating pain. My husband could not breathe! Oh my gosh, it’s 11:00pm, the baby is up, the kids are crying! My husband is hunched over, his colouring is changing…911! To make a long story short, he had developed four blood clots in his lung. The emerg docs told us, he is lucky to be alive. If we had left this any longer, he would have died. To hear these words,  to see the love of my life hooked up to monitors, oxygen levels dropping, unbearable pain…my heart breaks. So many emotions are running through my body. I feel a sense of sadness, I feel helpless, I feel so grateful!!! He is here! I had to pull out that inner strength from within. I could not let him or my children see the broken side. I had to keep positive and strong for them. And, I did. To be honest with you, I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and our friends. I am so grateful for my best friend, who came in the middle of the night to be with my kids so I could go to the hospital. My sister took care of them the next day so I could be by my husband’s side and get a couple of hours of sleep in. My beautiful friend, came knocking at my door with food and flowers, so I didn’t have to cook during this difficult time. My cousin, was there to hear my cries, to give me words of wisdom, my husbands best friend was there at the hospital everyday…and the list goes on. I really did realize, in times like these, who is there for you, and who is not.

I know this is a very personal story, but at the end of the day, there are always lessons learned. I learned my own strengths, I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and the greatest reminder, life is short! It can be taken with the blink of an eye. Live life with no regrets. Love unconditionally. Be grateful for everyday and for those in your life.

” I am so Thankful for the amazing people God has placed in my life. I might not get along with everyone all the time but I do know there are lessons to learn every step of the way and I pray God opens my eyes and lets me see these moments as a time of growth and a time to become a stronger person. May God Bless you and keep you safe and healthy and happy today and always” LifeLoveQuotesAndSayings