Family Vacay!

We are back in YYC! Cabo was amazing! The weather was perfect, the beaches were gorgeous, hotel was beautiful and most importantly the family had a great time.

We stayed at the Riu Palace located near the famous arches. The service and food were fantastic. We did do a couple a la carte dinners but mainly stuck with the buffet for the kids. The buffet, was super. It’s perfect for the kids. They thought it was the best thing, they could pick what they want and go up so many times. I indulged in the mexican.  From chili rellenos to the handmade assorted tamales!  I was in heaven!!!

Drinks, love the pina coladas, but there is a drink that I recommend called Batida de Coco. It’s a creamier version of the pina colada. So yummy and creamy!!!! They also do delish cappuccinos, which are more like our lattes. And of course a great variety of non-alchololic beverages for the kids! Cruz favorite was the Banana Colada and Gabrielle’s was the Copacabana!

The kids – Loved it! Gabrielle is a little fish, she would not get out of the water.  Cruz can swim on his own but we took him a puddle jumper, which is a floatation device like water wings. With that he was a non stop little guy out there who had to pee every time he hit the water. So I think we must have taken him to the washroom 20 times a day! Our baby Juliet, she was a gem. I think she was defiantly the heart of the Riu. Everyone knew her and everyone loved her!

Julian, my husband and I sat back looking at the kids and counted our blessings once again on how fortunate we are. We were all together as a family in a beautiful place. It is so important to take time for just your family. To build on your family memories and make memories and experiences that your children or us as parents will never forget. Times like these don’t have to be in a tropical destination, it could simply be a drive to Banff or a camping trip. No outside influences like your cell phone ringing, no social media, chores, etc. Your attention is fully devoted to quality time and making this memory!

“Life is such a fragile thing. It is a priceless treasure that we are given to guard and make use of to the best of our ability. That it will not come again is what makes it so sacred.” – Robin Sharma


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