Looking out my window this morning, I see frost on the ground and the leaves have started to fall – winter is around the corner, summer has left us. All I can think of is today is a perfect day for home cooked stew full of hearty autumn vegetables and finished with a glass of Kim Crawford, for dinner that is. Yum!  I can’t wait, I got my whole day planned out!

First is first though, it’s a busy day ahead. Kids are home from school, it’s a PD day. I have many of my daily chores to do and the extras! Extras? Heres an example. My son gets mad at his iPod for not loading his game and throws it at the window, cracks and glass chips have fallen all over the shag rug. Vacuum comes out again and “fix it mom” – I taped the iPod with scotch tape. It’s an easy cost-effective solution right? To top that off, he then tells me he is asking santa for an Ipad mini. Are you kidding me?

Power outage in the community, didn’t last two long but 45 minutes without power? Laundry & dishwasher stopped, couldn’t do my quick Turbo Fire workout, have to wait to drink my wakes up – we are a little off schedule.  You know, sometimes our days do not go as planned, and that is okay, that is life. I get to spend this friday with my kids and my niece. It will be a great Friday! I am grateful for today!

I leave you with this quote:

“Plan your week and manage your time creatively. Have the discipline to focus your time around your priorities. Shift to lean. Move from complexity to simplicity. The most meaningful things in your life should never be sacrificed to those that are the least meaningful. And remember, failing to plan truly is planning to fail” – Robin Sharma



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