Busy as a Bee!

My morning started off nuts! Getting my kids ready for school every morning is a story in itself. Today, my five year old son decides he wants to play with his balls and download a dinosaur game on his iPod at the same time!! My daughter chooses to sit and read her book in her PJ’s and moves like a turtle. Then, the phone rings, it’s my husband, 10 min till we have to leave. He tells me our travel agent booked Cancun not Cabo!! What??? Oh my!!! Gotta go! With 5 min to spare before we have to walk to the bus, my baby Juliet, 3 1/2 months old lets out this huge rip – oh shit!!! Shit was right, everywhere! All the way up to her neck! I am racing up the stairs, wipe her down, change her and managed with 1 min to spare. In the meantime, Gabrielle is still looking for her vest to wear and can’t find it..lost!!! Eventually, get the kids on the bus, they wave goodbye making funny faces as me and in that moment I stop, take a breath and think “no matter how crazy or busy this morning has been, it’s worth it!” I give gratitude, ask for some recharged patience and I’m ready for my day!


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