There is a First for Everything

Hello! Today is my first post! YAY!!

This is how it started… It came from my cheering squad, my cousin! After years of him constantly telling me “Sarah, you have to start a blog”, “Sarah, you have to put this and that on a blog”. What happens? The procrastination sets in and the excuses – Life gets busy, family, kids, work, etc, always an excuse and a year or two go by. I pondered the idea, had great feedback from my co-workers, the support of my family and…I decided to go for it.  So here it is! 

What will you get out of this blog? Well, I am always on the hunt for great products and as some of the girls at work always  tell me “You should be in sales” . This blog will be just for that and more. I would like to share my finds, share some daily inspirations, have good laughs, motivate, have fun, write from the heart.

What exactly do I want to get out of this? To inspire.



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