Miracle Noodle

I came across Miracle Noodle from Kris Jenner. She posed a pic of a dish her chef made using Miracle Noodles. So, I decided to give them a try – and I was not disappointed.

What are Miracle Noodles?  Your answer to guilt free pasta!

  • No net Carbs
  • Gluten Free
  • Calorie Free
  • Made of Naturally dietary fibre called Glucomannan with no fat, sugar or starch
  • Made from the root of the Konjac Plant grown in Asia
  • Beneficial for Type II Diabetes, obesity and cholesterol.

Miracle Noodles come in a variety of flavours from Angel Hair, spinach angel hair, rice to fettucini. They do have a variety pack which consists of 3 Angel Hair, 3 Ziti, 2 Spinach Angel Hair, 2 fettuccini and 2 Rice. Which will cost $39.99 USD.  The serving size is 1-2 people per package. They are easy to cook, you just boil them for 1 minute and then add to your favourite sauce. I found that they take on whatever flavour you are cooking with.

Yes Miracle Noodles are more expensive than your package of spaghetti for $1.99 that will feed your whole family. But consider this, it’s a great solution for those who have diabetes, other health issues or those who want to cut down on the carbs.

Click here for more information: Miracle Noodle

Need a recipe? Here is my Miracle Noodle Angel Hair Pasta with sautéed Portobello Mushrooms


  • Ground Bison or lean ground chuck
  • Pkg of Portobello Mushrooms
  • 1/2 small onion
  • 1 jar of your favourite pasta sauce
  • Garlic, salt, pepper
  • Miracle Noodle

Cook meat, add onion and garlic, cook for 5 min. Add your jar of pasta sauce and simmer. In another pan, add some olive oil, garlic and toss in your sliced Portobello mushrooms, cook until tender. Add salt and pepper for seasoning. Top your Angel Hair Miracle Noodle with the sauce and add your mushrooms to complete. Excellent with a bit of parmesan cheese!



A touch up on a budget

I knew I needed a touch up on my office. My inspiration came from my sister. She shopped around and found the coolest trestle desk from IKEA. She did the white legs with a stainless steel top. So off to IKEA I went.

IKEA has a lot of varieties to choose from, stainless steel tops, glass, wood, etc. So, I decided to go with the FINNVARD white trestle legs, a white high gloss table top with the GLASHOLM black & white finger print glass top. I wanted that black and white punch factor, give it a funky edge to my office.  I then needed storage space, so I went with the BESTA black/brown unit with a black glass top. This hosts amazing storage space with drawers and shelves. The bookshelf behind my desk is the EXPEDIT in black/brown. I added my picture frames, books and silk plants.

Now for the finishing touches. What to do? Wallpaper a wall? add a mirror? I simply decided to purchase black picture frames from IKEA and framed my children’s art work. This adds a punch of colour to the space and makes my little ones so happy to show off their artistic talents!

It’s amazing what you can create on a budget and IKEA is the way to go!



Two days in a row of good sleep. Forgot how this felt. Thank you to immunizations I have been running on 3-4 hours of sleep for a week. Now, I am energized and feeling great!

Yesterday, my daughter had her friend over after school. They play soccer together so she came to hang out, study and go to practise. It defiantly brought memories back to my grade four days.They were talking about boys and who has a boyfriend and which boys they think are nice. Oh and three boys like Gabrielle, one of them picks his nose and eats it – Gross!

My point is, I looked at my daughter and I kept thinking, wow is she ever-growing up. Where does time go? What is time? In that very moment, I cherished this time with my daughter. Unfortunately, I do not have my mother in my life. It’s been 18 years without her. Due to many circumstances by her choosing, this is where we are. I had longed for that mother daughter relationship all my life.  I was fortunate enough to have been raised by my Nana. She is my strength, my guardian, my angel. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. She has given me my life tools with all the love and support. She is the only grandmother that my children know, and that is their great-grandmother. She is 86 years old, and we all cherish every moment we have with her.

My husband and I have learned through disappointing choices our parents have made. We promised ourselves that we would not make the same mistakes. We know what it feels like to hurt. We cannot change the past but we can change that “cycle” for our future generation.  We WILL be there for our children through everything in life no matter what.  We WILL support them , we WILL love them unconditionally, we WILL cherish all these moments.  Children are the lights in life! They are a gift, a blessing, they are the joys. With smiles and laughter, you just cannot imagine life without them.

“Live your children’s childhood. Few things are as meaningful as being part of your children’s childhood. What is the point of climbing the steps of success if you have missed the first steps of your own kids”  Robin Sharma


Snack Time

Who doesn’t like snacks? My kids and I love snacks! When you are an “on the go” mom, you depend on snacks in your bag. I’d like to shake a couple of my favourite snacks that I carry in my bag.

Somersault Snack Co. Celebrate the power of seeds.  Great for those with nut allergies! Somersaults are crunchy nuggets baked with sunflower seeds and toasted grains. Their #1 ingredient is Sunflower seeds. They have as much protein as almonds with half the fat, a good source of fiber and vitamin e.  This great nut free snack has just 140 calories and an abundance of flavour. They come in cinnamon crunch, salty pepper, sea salt, dutch cocoa and sante fe salsa.

Facts about sunflowers that you probably didn’t know:

  • 7x more folate than almonds, pecans,
  • 50% more protein than almonds
  • 76% of your daily vitamin e
  • 4x the antioxidant of blueberries

How do Somersaults compare to other common snacks?

  • As much protein but half the fat of a serving of almonds with fewer calories
  • 1/3 the carbs of an energy bar
  • 95% less sugar than an energy bar
  • Non- GMO

You can pick these up at your local grocery store or visit them online to order:


My girlfriend introduced me to Rockwells Organic Toasted Coconut Chips. All I can say is I am addicted. I order boxes at a time! So yummy! They are the all-natural way to enjoy a sweet treat. They can be eaten straight out of the bag or incorporated into some of your favorite recipes. They can also be used as a topping on yogurt or blended in a vanilla protein shake. Rockwells coconut chips are:

  • Kosher Certified
  • Non- refined sugar
  • High in Fiber
  • Kosher
  • Free of Gluten
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan

I have not been able to find them at the local grocery store or health food stores, so I purchase mine online at  http://www.rockwellswholefoods.com. They are $4.99/bag, flat shipping rate and fast shipping time. Try them, I guarantee you will love them!



Beet Salad

The healthy benefits of Beets:

  1. High in carbohydrates which means they are a great instant energy source, but unlike processed foods which are high in carbohydrates, beets will energize your body. Beets can be regarded as body fuel.
  2. Beets contain sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosperous! They are also considered a fiber food and contain vitamins A and C as well as niacin!
  3. Beets contain folic acid.
  4. Studies have shown that beets guard against cancer, especially colon cancer.
  5. Medical studies have also shown that including beets in your diet helps protect a body against heart disease.

Try my yummy beet salad:

  • 4 – 6 Beets or 1 can
  • 1 orange peeled and chopped
  • 1 avocado cubed
  • handful of spinach chopped
  • feta cheese
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp white wine vinegar
  • cilantro is optional

Roast your beets, cool, peel and slice or cube. You can always use can, but fresh is best! Toss in your orange, avocado, spinach, drizzle with oil & vinegar, toss, and top with a handful of feta and cilantro.

You can make this as a side or add some chicken for a great meal!



Anejo Restaurant


Anejo is one of my favourite restaurants situated in Calgary’s prime location of 4th Street.

I absolutely love the ambiance of this little jem. It’s cozy, quaint, upbeat and fun! The staff is friendly and the food is what I like to call “Calgary’s Mexican”. A contemporary spin on mexican food.

Anejo uses the freshest, and get this – locally grown ingredients.  From the variety of Ceviches to the unique tasty margaritas. Chilli Coconut is my favourite!!  A must try! The guacamole is a popular appi, which is prepared at your table in lava-rock mortars – a nice extra!. If you are a cheese lover like myself, the Queso Fundido is amazing. They blend it with pico de gallo, chorizo, sautéed mushrooms and served with tortillas. Lets not stop there, the main dishes. My fav is the Chili Relleno, poblano pepper, goat cheese, corn meal crust, tomato sauce, served with lime cilantro rice.  The tacos come Uno, Tres or Seis, and you get to choose from their delicious beef short rib, adobo pork to the crispy cod! Don’t forget to add-on your sides like beans and the tasty Cumin Jalapeno Quinoa.  No matter how stuffed you are, you cannot go without trying the Quatro Leches Cake! Don’t leave the whip cream, it’s tequila infused! Yummy!

Click here to view their menu.

Did you know that Anejo also serves Brunch?  Huevos Rancheros, Bacon & Egg Tacos to Mexican Eggs Beni!

I highly recommend this restaurant. It’s perfect for a dinner out with your significant other, or just a place to have appi’s and drinks before a hockey game! I know you will not be disappointed.


#2, 2116 – 4th Street SW



A Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather. To indulge in the culinary traditions. Turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and lets not forget pumpkin pie. Hours of preparation is consumed in minutes. But most importantly it is a time to give thanks.

Life get so busy and sometimes we don’t stop and give our gratitude. Thanksgiving is a time where we should stop and give thanks. There are so many things in life daily that we are grateful for. Our family, friends, homes, jobs, health, food and the list goes on.

I would like to take this Thanksgiving to count my blessings and give my deepest gratitude to my husband and kids who have fulfilled my life. To my family & friends- we are so grateful for you all. Each one of you have been a strong foundation for our children and have given us unconditional love and support. You are the definition of family!

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving” W.T. Purkiser

I wish each one of you a Happy Thanksgiving.